Project Description


Your walk, step-by-step

Standing with The Derby Arms behind you, turn right at Little Town Dairy. Go straight on and head down the concrete track towards the farm buildings. Go through the gates and follow the track through the farm buildings. Pass a cow shed on the left to reach a track heading beside fields. Go through the wooden gate alongside the permissible path. Pass through some gateposts and when you reach another set and the path forks – keep straight ahead, following

the yellow arrow right and heading over the field to the wooden gate. Head over the next field towards the far left hand corner to a metal gate. Go through this and through another wooden gate. Follow the yellow waymarker arrow right along the track. At the end of the track turn right to follow the pathway. Pass over a cattle grid and on reaching another T-junction, turn left. {A} When you reach Billingtons Farm head straight on and when you get to the end of the track, and a wire fence, head left to the stile with the yellow waymarker. Go over the wooden stile and head uphill through trees. You will emerge out onto a meadow – keep to the left hand field boundary and exit the field via the two wooden stiles in the top left hand corner. Turn left to travel along the road, climbing slightly uphill.

Take the next right, following the sign for Jeffrey Hill. Carry on along the road passing through Longridge Golf Course. Turn right just after Cardwell House and head up the road to reach Jeffrey Hill car park and a notice board for Longridge Fell. {B} Walk past the notice board and head towards the waymarker, wooden stile and gate on your left. Head over the grass straight ahead, travelling along the visible track/ worn down grass. Keep on uphill, passing a stone marker. Pass the Jeffrey Hill stone cairn on your left and head towards the trees in the distance. The track starts to descend but keep following it downhill and to the left. You will then meet a stony path – turn right and join it, then head right again along a track, following a yellow waymarker.

Stay on this much clearer track, heading uphill again towards the trees. The track will soon turn grassy but carry on along it. On reaching the drystone wall, ignore the stile straight ahead, instead turning left to travel briefly alongside the wall to the stone step stile further on. Head left along the stony track and walk between the wall and the trees. On reaching the cross roads, keep on ahead to visit Spire Hill.

After a time, you will notice a step stile in the wall to your left. Climb over and take in the view here from the trig point. Climb back over the stile and turn left to continue on your way. The wall will soon end and the path will continue into the woods. On reaching the waymarker post, follow the arrow right along the track. On leaving the woodland you will emerge out onto a track. {C} Turn right, then keep left to follow the yellow waymarker through the woods – do not carry on straight along the track. On emerging at another wide track, cross over and follow the trail through fields, following the yellow waymarker once more. When the trail splits, keep left and walk downhill.

The path will disappear slightly along here but it soon reappears between the wire fence and the large tree. Carry on straight downhill to reach a wooden footbridge. Cross over the left hand bridge and head uphill. At the kissing gate, go through and onto the road. Turn right to walk along the road. On reaching a car park on your left, follow the public footpath sign along a track. Follow this track and when you reach In Tack Farm, take the stile to the left. Go over the stile and head diagonally right to reach another stile in the fence at the other side. Cross the stile, walk straight ahead, uphill, down the other side and when you reach the wire fence running opposite, turn right and walk along the edge of the fence to a public footpath sign in the corner on the left.

Turn left down the road (Huntington Hall Road) and pass a public footpath sign on your left. Now look to the right for another one. Follow the sign right, down the drive and towards the house, pass through the wooden gate. {D} Follow the path, then step right onto the grass, crossing the wooden stile to enter a meadow. Head straight over the field. Cross this stile then go over the next to another stile on the far side. Cross the next field, heading slightly left to find another stile within the trees. Cross this stile and head into the woods along a track. Turn left on reaching a road, then after the bridge turn right to pass through a metal kissing gate. Cross this field and go over the next stile and cross the field, again sticking to the boundary. Head to the farm and exit via the wooden gate. Keep left and head towards the road – when you reach it, turn right to walk along the path. Pass Knowle Green Village Hall on the left. After walking up the hill, take the right hand road that’s signed ‘public bridleway’. {E} Keep right when the road forks and head through the metal gate, passing through another metal gate and keep on along the path.

Pass the houses on the right hand side and keep following the road uphill. Keep left when the road forks. Leave Green Bank Park through the gateposts, then turn left along the road. Take care here as there are no pathways. Just after you pass the waterworks and reservoir entrance on your right, turn sharp right to walk down Forty Acre Lane. Just on the corner, turn left to climb over the stile passed before. Climb over the next stile too and retrace your steps across the field, down the track and by the farm to reach. {A} Instead of turning right here, keep straight on along the track. On reaching the road, turn right and retrace your steps to reach The Derby Arms.

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